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Stationary Wireless Interpreter WI-1600

  Special Features
   Unique Wireless interpreter combines wireless receiver of minitoring with microphone of speaking.
   Wireless interpreter that connecting hand in hand , this could make two interpreters work by turns. Another interpreter’s
   microphone will be muted automatically when interpreter is speaking.
   Adjusting the microphone gain to make the same volume of transliteration when they work in hand in hand ways.
   With cough mute function, press the “MUTE” button to mute microphone when interpreter cough.
   Via toggle switch“DIRECT / INDIRECT”to change original and transliteration quickly.
   Supporting of direct interpretation and indirect interpretation.
   In hand in hand application “SINGLE/MULTIPLE”make one interpreter mic work or all interpreters mic work at the same
   time is possible.
   The earphone monitoring support wireless receiving and Aux input of back panel, and the volumes can be adjusted
   3.5 mm & mini XLR jack socket of microphone input.
   Special designed connector "LOOP IN"&"LOOP OUT" is convenient for interpreter units to work in hand in hand.
   XLR balanced output of microphone, is convenient to connect with transmitter.
   UHF band PLL synthesized design, 40MHZ bandwidth design, 1599 frequencies for select.
   " Digital Pilotone & RF Noise Lock" dual-squelch circuit of soolai original creation, to improve anti--interference
    performance of system.
   High performance double - IF circuit design.
   RF track tuning filtering technical of Soolai original creation, with multi-stage high performance RF saw filters to get
     high anti-interference to ensure multiple channels can be used simultaneously without interference.
   Channel group management, with 32 channels in User Group, frequency and name of each channel can be set
      independently by user.
   Switching 32 channel (language) quickly, displaying languages' name/channel/frequency Simultaneously.
   Interpreter could use the channel switching function to select the channel for monitoring, to check whether the
   interpretation output is normally.
   128*64 dot matrix double-color OLED display.
   OLED display channel group, channel, frequency, name, lock, RF level, Audio level and overload prompt.
   Operating range 200-300m (line-of-sight).
  System Specifications
    RF Carrier Frequency Range  UHF 626~666MHz、780~820MHz、830~870MHz、863~865MHz  
   Oscillation Type  PLL Synthesized  
 Frequency Stability  ±0.005% (0~50℃)  
   Display Screen  OLED 128*64 dot matrix Double Color  
    Tuneable Frequendes  1599  
 Switching Bandwidth  40MHz  
    Tunable Steps  25KHz  
    Modulation  FM ±45KHz deviation (nominal)  
 Intermediate Frequency(IF)  Double-IF 110.6MHz/10.7Mhz
 Image Rejection  80dB typical
 Spurious Rejection  80dB typical
 Signal-to-Noise ratio  >92dB typical (A-weighted)
 Total Harmonic Distortion  <0.5% (Ref.±45KHZ deviation 1KHZ)
 AF Frequency Response  40~16,000Hz (±3dB)
 RF Sensitivity  2uV (60dB S/N)  
 Squelch Threshold  2uV,21 - step digital
 Antenna  External antenna, BNC type  
    Earphone Output Connector  3.5mm stereo  
    Earphone Output Control  RX, AUX IN potentiometer control  
    Minimum Load Impedance  12Ω  
 Line Output Connector  XLR balanced output, 1 / 4"unbalanced output
 Line Output Level  -10dBV (ref.±45KHz 1KHz)
 Power Requirement  12 -15Vdc / 1A
 Dimension  217mm*180mm*45
   Unit Weight  1.3kg  
   Operating Temperature  -20~70℃  
    Operating Range  200 - 300m (Environment dependent)  
 Shell  Aluminum alloy wire drawing process panel, metal shell
  Specifications of Microphone part
 Microphone Input Connector
 3.5mm unbalanced, (Tip=hot, Ring = cold, Sleeve = ground)
 XLR-mini unbalanced, (pin2=hot, pin3 = cold, pin1 = ground)
 Microphone Output Connector
 XLR balanced output, (pin2 = hot, pin3 = cold, pin1 = ground)
 Microphone LOOP IN
 1 / 4"unbalanced output, (Tip = hot ,Ring = sync data, Sleeve = ground)
 Microphone LOOP OUT
 1 / 4"unbalanced input, (Tip = hot, Ring = sync data, Sleeve = ground)
 Microphone Gain Adjusting Range
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