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  Yuhuatai Zone,Nanjing,China

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User Data Analysis Audio Guide System AG-600S



  Main Feature of audio guide system

    Analyze user data of language, monthly, weekly, visiting time, attractions rank.
museum audio guide
    Built in speaker, 3.5mm stereo earphone jack output.
    Yellow and blue dual color OLED screen, 128*64dot matrix.
    Welcome screen can be customized.
    Support audio files of Mp3 format, 8-48KHz sample rate, 8-320kbps bit rate and VBR.
    99 different languages can be selected ,4096 audio segments in each language.
    Switch 99 different languages by wireless triggering.
    Object name display, Support multi-language characters.
    Numeric Keypad play function.  
    Can be triggered by passive tag within 0-5cm.
    Can be triggered by infrared ray within 0-10m.    
    Can be triggered by RF signal within 0-100m.  
    With volume control function, maximum output volume can be locked.
museum audio guide
    With play restrict and play times statistics functions, apply to rental.
    With play, pause, fast forward, rewind functions.
    With replaying function, the latest three triggered contents can be replayed.
    Auto playing background music when trigger playing ended.  
    Can vibrate and buzz when triggering.
    With anti-theft alarm function.
    With Audio-video Synchronization function.
    Battery level of RFID trigger and IRT-6 trigger can be shown on Audio Guide.  
    Charger adopts 2U rack-mounted design to be installed in 19-inch standard cabinet.  
    High capacity lithium-ion battery, continuous operating time is more than 12 hours.  
    Parameters only can be changed by wireless decoder, prevent guests from amending parameters.
    Special upload software convenient to update audio contents. museum audio guide
    Extra audio files control function.
    224 users data can be stored in AG-600S, no need to export the user data every day.
    The exported user data can be uploaded to the computer by wireless transmission.
    The charger can export user data while charging.
    One computer can be wirelessly connected to 256 chargers, it can export the user data of
     3072 audio guide units at one time.

  Select multi-languages

audio guide-chinese
audio guide-english
audio guide-german
audio guide-french
audio guide-russian
audio guide-spanish
audio guide multi-language

  Intelligent Triggering

  audio guide-passive tag
audio guide-infrared trigger
audio guide-RFID trigger
  Passive Tag L45A
Infrared Trigger IRT-6
RFID Trigger RFT-6
  Activate range:0~5cm Activate range:0~10m,4 steps adj Activate range:0~100m,16 steps adj  
  NO power supply Battery:AA alkaline battery 1.5V*2 Battery:AA alkaline battery 1.5V*2  
    Battery life:>15 months (measured) Battery life:>3 years (measured)  

  Realization of video synchronization

audio guide-audio video sync
Direct trigger:
When visitors bringing the smart
audio guide device into the trigger
area, the device can automatically
play the audio that is synchronized
the video screen.
Indirect trigger:
When visitors bringing the smart
audio guide device into the trigger
area, the device must trigger the
audio file of current playing video
first, then can automatically play the
audio that is synchronized with the
video screen.

  Welcome screen customization

  Welcome display screen could show any character, pattern, logo, etc.
  And welcome display can be edited by user own.

  User data export and charging

  1.User data is imported into the computer wirelessly.  
  2.Export the user data while charging, audio guide device automatically turn on when exporting the user data, and  
   automatically turn off after exporting completed.  
  3.Data export host UD-Master can automatically paired connected to 256 data export charger UD-12B, user data of  
   3072 audio guide device can be exported, each audio guide device can stores 224 users’ data, it can import more  
   than 680,000 visitors’ data at one time.

  Data export analysis software S-Analyst  

  System Specification of audio guide system

    Ways of play  Keypad playing & smart trigger playing  
 RF Trigger  2.4GHz / 0~100m trigger range (16 levels adjustable)  
 Infrared Ray Trigger  38KHz / 0~10m trigger range (4 levels adjustable)  
 Passive Tag Trigger  13.56MHz / 14443A standard (0~5cm trigger range)  
    File Format  Mp3 Format (8-48KHz sample rates, 8-320kbps bitrate)  
 Memory Capacity  8GB  
   Data Export Content  Used language,visited scenic spots,visiting time  
   User Data Storage  224 user data  
    Multi-Language  99  
    Tracks Number  4096 (per language)  
    Display name of object  Support multi-language text display  
    Built in speaker  8Ω/0.5w  
    Earphone Output  3.5mm stereo  
    Volume Control  32 levels electronic volume control  
   Play controls  Previous/Next, Fast forward/Rewind, Play/Pause  
   Audio Frequency Response  50~18,000Hz  
   Distortion  <0.02%  
   Audio Dynamic Range  88dB  
   S/N Ratio  96dB  
   Operating Temperature  -10~60℃  
   Power Supply  Built-in Lithium ion battery 3.7v/1020mAh  
   Operating Time  About 12 hours  
    Dimension  108*49*16mm  
 Weight  65g (include battery)  

  Optional Accessories of audio guide system

L45A / B
RFID Trigger
Infrared Trigger
Passive Tag
Display Card
Passive Tag Reader
SC-12B / SU-12B
Wireless Decoder
Audio-Video Trigger
2-Slots Charger
  12-Slots Charger/
24-Slots Charging/
12-Slots Uploader
Disinfection Case
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